So, home again. And its so weird

Got home Saturday afternoon and about two hours later, was mostly on my own as my parents went to the campground. Back in my room. Suitcases are technically unpacked, but my room is such a mess and a clutter of things. I want to get it done, but I’m only organizing enough so I can finish my dissertation in some peace.

Priorities for this week

1. Obviously dissertation. Tonight, I’m going to finish going through the first draft I printed in London and make a list of changes. Tomorrow, I’ll start digging into the changes. I’m going to try to get a copy of the Pitt book, but it might not happen in time.

2. I want to go through the rubbermaid tote full of notebooks and folders. I have a ton of stuff that does not need to be saved. Some things my mother might need for school. I think I’m going to figure out a way to store the old blank notebooks in case I need them later.

3. Once that tote is cleaned up, I’ll be able to start storing books in them, with an obvious emphasis on the ones I own in ebook form. That will clean a ton of space (though I may need a second tote) for better organization of my other books and clean up a ton of the clutter in my life.

Number 3 would be great for this week, but my heart isn’t set on it. I also want to finish my resume tomorrow so I can finish my initial application for Source 4 Teachers.

I also have to call Walmart to see if my glasses prescription is still good. My last pair of glasses snapped, poo. Life can suck sometimes.

So much to do to get my life going, ha. Somehow I’ll make it work.

Still weird to be home.

Going Home

Leaving on Saturday morning, which means I have to be packed before I go to bed on Friday night. It’s a weird combination of a ton to do but not really. I don’t have a lot of stuff, so actually packing it isn’t likely to take long. I’m nervous because I have so many books, but I’ve tossed some clothing and some of the heavy stuff I brought with me isn’t going home or I took home in June.

So before I go home, I have to:

1. Confirm my car for Saturday morning and that its been paid.

2. Change Microsoft charge to US bank account.

3. Take old laptop and nook to the recycling center

4. Do laundry and pack what’s not going to be worn this week.

5. Hopefully give away the majority of the stuff that I want to give.

6. Clean out papers and folders to relieve any possible space. Only dissertation notes that I’m going to save are chapters and Parliament records that have been highlighted, but it’s important to be sure I’ve still got everything saved on my thumb drive.

7. And try not to cry when Nancy sends back my dissertation with her suggestions because I’m sure it’s a mess and requires a lot of work.

Good grief.

I also want to continue to do some background reading on concepts I know have to be added. For example, a better understanding of the influences on 1790s British thinking, including Sidney, Locke, Wilkes, and the American Rebellion, but I’m holding off in case Nancy wants me to edit some of that out and refocus the paper in a different way. I know I can get it done in time, particularly since I found a binding/delivery place with next day, even same day delivery if necessary, but I’d rather have it done and be through with that part of my life.

And I’m struggling with fatigue, just from being bored and having nothing really to focus on. Looking forward to next week when I’m home, with my family and mostly my cats. I miss the little bastards.