NaNoWriMo Nov 2018: Day 2

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Another crappy start for the day, though the fact that the cold I thought I was getting has finally shown up so at least I have something to blame.  Wasn’t able to get up early, but I dragged myself out of bed and drank my weight in tea so I was able to get on with the day.

Finished Chapter 1, wrote a Luke/Laura scene and then a Jason scene. It was fun to write the Jason scene because I set it in Miami and had to do a little research to find a setting.

Spent about an hour and 18 minutes writing today, finished two scenes and 1735 words. I’m not hitting the totals I wanted to yet, but I’m keeping pace and that’s important. My total is 3512 words so far. I hope to be able to double it tomorrow and start having better days. We’ll see.

I did finish the soundtrack this morning so super excited to have that to listen to. Your song for today is not on the soundtrack though. I wanted to add it, but I couldn’t find the right place for it.

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