Summer Reading

Master List for Summer Reading

The books listed below are the novels I intend to read for my summer reading project. I’m going to try my best to read them in order, review each book separately, and then review the series as a whole. That’s the plan anyway. And yes…I know there’s a lot of books here. I can usually read two or three books a day, especially since since almost all of these books are going to be rereads which makes it go faster.

Anderson, Catherine

Ashley, Jennifer

Burrowes, Grace

  • Windham Brides
    1. The Trouble With Dukes
    2. Too Scot to Handle
    3. No Other Duke Will Do
    4. A Rogue of Her Own

Carlyle, Liz

  • Rutledge Trilogy
    1. Beauty Like the Night
    2. No True Gentleman
    3. The Devil You Know

Dare, Tessa

  • Spindle Cove
    1. A Night to Surrender
    2. Once Upon a Winter’s Eve
    3. A Week to Be Wicked
    4. A Lady by Midnight
    5. Beauty and the Blacksmith
    6. Any Duchess Will Do
    7. Lord Dashwood Missed Out
    8. Do You Want to Start a Scandal

Enoch, Suzanne

  • Adventurer’s Club
    1. The Care and Taming of a Rogue
    2. A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behavior
    3. Rules of Engagement
  • Samantha Jellicoe
    1. Flirting With Danger
    2. Don’t Look Down
    3. Billionaires Prefer Blondes
    4. Twice the Temptation
    5. A Touch of Minx

Gracie, Anne

  • Merridew Sisters
    1. The Perfect Rake
    2. The Perfect Waltz
    3. The Perfect Stranger
    4. The Perfect Kiss

Hoyt, Elizabeth

  • Legend of the Four Soldiers
    1. To Taste Temptation
    2. To Seduce a Sinner
    3. To Beguile a Beast
    4. To Desire a Devil

Jeffries, Sabrina

  • Hellions of Halstead Hall
    1. The Truth about Lord Stoneville
    2.  A Hellion in Her Bed
    3. How to Woo a Reluctant Lady
    4. To Wed a Wild Lord
    5. A Lady Never Surrenders
    6. ‘Twas the Night after Christmas

Kleypas, Lisa

  • Bow Street Runners
    1. Someone to Watch Over Me
    2. Lady Sophia’s Lover
    3. Worth Any Price
  • Hathaways
    1. Mine Til Midnight
    2. Seduce Me At Sunrise
    3. Tempt Me at Twilight
    4. Married by Morning
    5. Love in the Afternoon
    6. A Hathaway Wedding

Laurens, Stephanie

Milan, Courtney

  • Brothers Sinister
    1. The Governess Affair
    2. The Duchess War
    3. A Kiss for Midwinter
    4. The Heiress Effect
    5. The Countess Conspiracy
    6. The Suffragette Scandal
    7. Talk Sweetly To Me

Royal, Lauren

  • Chase Restoration 
    1. Amethyst
    2. Emerald
    3. Forevermore
    4. Amber
    5. Violet
    6. Lily
    7. Rose
    8. A Secret Christmas

Sands, Lynsay

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